Building Stories

Building Stories 2017-06-28T15:03:29+00:00

In Cajaplax not only manufacture packaging, we construct stories

Cajaplax cares about the values that shaped him and made him grow., Is why the company launched the campaign “In Cajaplax not only we manufacture packaging, we construct stories”, a campaign aimed at telling a brief but substantial history of members the company, because behind every employee there is something very important to talk, his work is very important, transcends and is vital to continue building Cajaplax hand histories of his collaborators

Don Felix

Don Felix shares with us a brief history of the 30 years he has worked for Cajaplax.


Berta has more than 50 years, she talks motivates us and how it feels to work for Cajaplax.


Laura talks us the importance of family and the importance of companionship and loyalty to his friends within the company.


Norma is a single mother and currently works for Cajaplax she talk us how she feels and assumes his new life working for the company.


Santiago talks to us as it builds their training, the labor issue as he combines his love of cars and sport but especially for the sake whose machines.