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Our business model is principally based on One Stage or integrated teams, on which we directly go from the Pellet to the container, it gives us a great flexibility for the manufacture of beautiful containers, without any marks or scratches, impossible to overcome with the equipment of massive production of Two Stages due to the excessive manipulation of preforms. When the project demands it that way, our capacities allow us to compete with the robust systems of massive production, that was previously thought would only be possible with multinational corporations.

Containers for diverse applications such as cosmetics, food or pharmaceutical products in multiple scales of production are possible with the equipment of flexible capacities, from a simple cavity up to 8 cavities or more, in case de consumption requires it. Polypropylene and polyethylene with additives, coextrusion de capa concentrica with a soft tact and more possibilities, ask me!

We were born with the process of Molding by Injection, manufacturing containers for cosmetics and medicines, ampoules, soap dishes, talcum containers; afterwards glasses and caps. Today we have equipment of the latest generation, electrical machines with low energy consumption, free of oil operations as well as rid of noise for a better work environment, ready for demanding applications, we range in equipment from molds for small pieces or few cavities to machinery for molds with multiple cavities in high production based on the size and function of the project.