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Human Values

Conscious that women’s participation is more relevant each day, in Cajaplax we maintain a balance close to 50% in the operative functions as well as the administrative ones, with opportunities in the different levels of responsibility. Women’s talent is no longer a theme up for discussion, as we provide equal opportunities.

We are a Family of 500 collaborators, with a strong influence in the communities where we operate, in Apan, Hidalgo and in El Salto, Jalisco. Our representation offices and distribution centers in Queretaro, Puebla and Monterrey are also an essential part which we maintain them close to the teams with all types of media and with adequate support for their activities. Nevertheless, our corporative center in Mexico City, in the traditional Colonia Roma, is fountain to the inspiration for the creative and commercial processes and administrative functions.

Our greatest strength is our Human Capital, we are conscious of its value and of the social responsibility that any productive organization must assume, we have internal programs to support the members of our team such as, vocational training, medical consultant inside the factory and external support for the community like the donation of supplies. We actively participate in programs that are linked to regional educational institutions, inviting the youth to collaborate during their college years in the different business areas. The newer generations don’t come here to fulfill an educational requisite, they come here to grow and contribute their talent.

In Cajaplax, our principle are something that differentiates us from other organizations which are based on our human values.

If the common good inspires us, as a result we’ll have coherent objectives and as a consequence we’ll be successful.